We are committed to producing films that evoke the image and style of our clients.


The quality of our award-winning productions is perhaps best illustrated by our ever-expanding list of global clientele. They have seen the difference our dedication and professionalism can make. Now, it’s your turn!

As an international production company based in Hungary, we have the advantage of providing our clientele with top-quality audio and visual services at the reduced costs of Central Europe. While our location allows us to keep our costs competitive, our experienced team of production specialists insures our films are produced at the highest standard of quality.

Because we are travel and image film specialists, we have developed a combination of integrated services that can provide substantial savings when coupled together. Our production costs are extremely competitive and well within reach of any budget.

And when you consider our quality films are internationally recognized , the benefits of our productions are clear.

Take a look at our range of services offered below. These options can be chosen individually, or combined with two or more options to reduce costs. Every package offers its own unique pricing plan with savings multiplying as more options are added.

Corporate Videos, Advertisement

We offer our clients a full range of corporate videos. From in-house films to marketing tools aimed at promoting a company’s services, we can meet all of your specific needs.

Following a briefing from our clients, we develop a selection of ideas for them to choose from, at a budget that suits them.

We have developed a broad array of corporate films for a wide range of clients, from extended videos for the Royal Thai Government’s Ministry of Commerce, dealing with the promotion of exports and the Thai economy, to a shorter trade fair video and TV commercial spot to promote the five-star luxury of the Hotel Rogner Thermal Spa in Hungary.

Image Destination Films

Singapore Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Bangkok Airways Ministry of Commerce and the Royal Thai Government are just a few of our clients who have taken advantage of our specialized image destination films to further publicise their region. Singapore Airlines, in fact, opened its Moscow and Dubai service with our image film.

These generally short videos are set to music composed by internationally recognized musicians and reflect the style, feeling, and concept of the client. They can be used to present corporate shows, or as destination guides that can be distributed to travel agents, press, customers, etc.

Documentary Film Production with Television Distribution

Our travel documentaries are narrated generally in English by international actors and experienced English narrators who have worked for Fox Television, the BBC, etc. However, we can accommodate any number of languages.

Television documentaries are normally 2×30 minutes and are distributed in the Hungarian and international markets within a half-year of production. These distribution deals include either product placement, showing the airline’s aircraft and in-flight services, or a commercial spot airing on television.

We are continuously developing distribution deals with international channels in Europe and Asia for projects in production.

In-flight Safety Movies

Tailored to the individual needs of our clients, and tested to meet international standards, our safety videos have been approved by the IATA and the Aviation Authority of the European Union.
Each video is produced with your specific requirements in mind:
Characters are professionally designed and, at your request, can be modified to reflect a variety of ethnic backgrounds (Asian, Caucasian, African, Indian, etc.)
The outside painting livery and the interior cabin design copy your aircraft exactly. Of course, if you have several different aircrafts, then the films are customized to match each aircraft in your fleet.

We also film on location. Starting at the HUB of the airline, and finishing in the final format requested by the airline, our films cover it all.

Although price ranges may vary depending on aircraft types and subtypes, our specialization still means very reasonable production costs. The real savings, however, come when combined with our packages below.

Educational Videos

Some of our clients are in need of short videos to educate their employees on certain aspects of their business. We can provide videos on any range of topics from dealing with customers to problem solving and social interaction.

These videos are made in very close conjunction with the client to make sure their precise needs are met and are usually provided in modules consisting of various videos on sub-topics.

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