Why have stand-up comedy at a music festival?

The comedy stage at Sziget Festival 2016 and 2017 produced by Kalman Pechy and Dave Thompson, attracted over 500 people every day. It ran for six days of the festival, so at least 3,000 were entertained. The shows were so popular the tent filled up well before the start time, as people wanted to get a seat near the stage.

The format of three comedians – one hosting the show, and two doing an act of between 20-30 minutes, was so successful that many people returned every day.

Despite competing with big stars appearing on the main stage at the same time as the comedy shows (Noel Gallagher, Sigur Ros, and Major Lazer), the comedians attracted enough audience to fill the spiegeltent where the shows took place!

The plan is to repeat this successful format at different music festivals around the globe. A resident host offers continuity to those who come to more than one show. Two different comedians every day offer variety to people who come regularly. The audience was attracted by the concept of stand-up comedy performed by “club comedians”, most of who are based in the UK. It’s not necessary to book “big name” comedians, who would demand large fees and expensive transport and accommodation.

Also, unless a comedian is as well known as Eddie Izzard or Louis CK, most Festival goers won’t have heard of them, due to the diversity of their nationalities. As the audience comes to see stand-up comedy, rather than a particular comedian, it’s better to book professional comedians who work the international comedy circuit. We have direct access to over 1,500 of these comedians and their agents. We can cherry pick the funniest, most suitable comedians, who want to perform at each festival for the fee on offer.

While stand-up comedy shows in comedy clubs and theatres last for one and a half hours or longer, one hour is the ideal length of show in a festival setting. This is because people at a festival have such a huge choice of “walk in, walk out” entertainment all day and evening, their concentration threshold is lower than if they bought tickets for one event in a town. (Glastonbury all day option)

The Comedy Stage at your Festival

The Comedy Stage is a place to chill out and laugh, away from loud music. Comedy is so popular, all the festivals in the UK have at least one comedy stage. Acts booked will be chosen for their suitability to perform to the unique Lollapalooza audience. We ran the Sziget Comedy Stage in 2016 and 2017, and were involved in comedy stages at Glastonbury, Reading, and Latitude festivals in the UK. Having seen the range of ages and nationalities, we know what type of comedians to book for your festival!

The stand-up comedy format:

A 60 minute show once a day, comprised of three comedians: one compere, and two acts.  Stand-up comedy offers high quality entertainment for a much lower cost than other art forms.  Why?  Because there’s just one person on stage, wearing their own clothes, performing their own material.  All they need is a microphone.  These low production values save the festival money, as only one technician is required to operate sound and lights, and no technical crew are needed to lug equipment for a get-in and get-out between shows.

The comedian who hosts the shows will be Dave Thompson, who was the man inside the Tinky Winky costume in the world famous TV show ‘Teletubbies’.  Many of the audience will have grown up watching Dave on TV, as it was shown in so many countries throughout the world.


The ideal time slot for the shows is 19.00, before noise levels get very loud, and the audience is too intoxicated.

Compere: 10 minutes.

1st act: 20-25 minutes.

Compere: 5 minutes.

2nd act: 20-25 minutes.

Compare: 5 minutes.

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